Things to Know When Moving to Chicago


When moving from NYC to Chicago with your family or to get a new job, here are some things to keep in mind in order not to be unprepared in the Windy City.

Choosing Your Neighborhood

Chicago has 77 neighborhoods, each of which is unique in its own way.

  • West. A truly authentic cultural experience can be found in the West Side. Here, there are ethnic restaurants, monuments, and stunning murals.
  • North. The neighborhoods of the North Side are very eclectic. Here, you can shop in boutiques, see a Cubs game, or listen to jazz in Uptown.
  • South. Many social and cultural offerings are in the South Side. There are museums, monuments, authentic cuisine, and so on.
  • Downtown. The top attractions such as the Historic Theater District, Buckingham Fountain, and the “Bean”, as well as shopping on Michigan Avenue, art galleries, and cool lounges, are in Downtown Chicago.

It Is Easy to Rent and Buy Homes in Chicago

Whether you’re looking for a temporary residence or moving to Chicago into a new house with your whole family, it is easy to rent and buy.

The housing market in Chicago is perhaps the best bargain in the U.S. compared to the West Coast and East Coast. The city has the second-largest supply of starter homes. The median home value in Chicago is $222,000. The median price to rent a one-bedroom apartment is $1,970, which is much less than in New York and Los Angeles.

Transportation in the City

It can be a challenge to get to work in Chicago with long rush hours. However, the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) can take you almost anywhere in the city. There are many options that can take you where you need to go:

  • Pedway. Pedway (the downtown pedestrian walkway system) is a system of overhead bridges and underground tunnels that is connected to more than 40 blocks in the Central Business District. It is a very convenient and safe way to travel around downtown.
  • The L. The L is the system of trains and buses that can take you around the city. It is recommended to get the Ventra card, which will make your travels more convenient.
  • Get a cab. There are many taxis in the city. You can also use Uber or Hailo.
  • A bike. If you want to get more flexibility, you can cycle around the city. Biking is very popular and there is even a bike-sharing company where you can rent a bike.

Bringing a Car

If you’re planning on bringing your car to the city, be prepared for tow zones, No Parking signs, and impossible parallel parking. The fees for parking are very expensive and you may also need to have a parking permit depending on the area where you live.


It can get very cold in Chicago. So, make sure you’re prepared for a cold weather. However, the city is also famous for its beaches. There are 26 miles of sand along the Lake Michigan where you can relax in summer.

Moving Day

When moving to Chicago, it is recommended to hire professional furniture movers who will help you relocate all your stuff safely and fast. It may also be a good idea to find a realtor who will assist you to find a home in a good and safe area. You will love Chicago in no time with all its diversity, authentic cuisine, and amazing culture.

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